ڪجھ ڏئي وينداسين ۽ ڪجھ نه کڻي وينداسين

ٻور    آهيون    ڏئي    ميوو     ڇڻي     وينداسين

(تنوير عباسي)

I am extremely grateful to Ayaz Gul (اياز گل), Adal Soomro (ادل سومرو)، Mukhtiar Malik (مختيارملڪ), and Akhtar Dargahi (اختر درگاهي) for sharing Tanveer’s poetry and their understanding of his works with me. I will always need their guidance in improving this website.

Imdad Husaini (امداد حسيني) has graciously allowed me to include the introduction that he wrote for Siju Tireya Hethan (سج تريءَ هيٺان). I am thankful to him for this kind gesture.

Rinku, Revaz, and Ramesh Tharwani have deeply contributed to the love for Tanveer’s poems and writings. I am indebted to them for bringing the joy of poetry in my life.

I also want to thank Muzzafar Nizam (مظفر نظام) who has told me many loving stories about Tanveer, especially of the time that I spent away from him.

I want to thank Qurban Mangi (قربان منگي), whom Tanveer endearingly called Popat (پوپٽ), for having worked tirelessly for decades to promote Sindhi literature and, in particular, the writings of Tanveer. I always look up to him for practical advice and guidance.

The people with whom I have shared Tanveer’s poetry are too numerous to mention. I am thankful to all the friends, who have at one point or another shared their love for Tanveer and his poetry with me.

I am also thankful to my mother, Qamar Abbasi (قمر عباسي), for always supporting me in times of need, encouraging me in this project, and always being there for me. Her contribution can never be overstated.

Akhtar Dargahi has proofread the manuscript of Saajan Suhan Surt (ساجن سونهن سرت) with love and care. He continues to contribute to this endeavor.

Niranjan Rajani (نرنجن راجاڻي) has carefully guided me about Sindhi typesetting, fonts, and has given me practical advice on many technical aspects. I would also like to acknowledge his contribution.

Ayaz Gul has graciously accepted my proposition to be the guiding light for this project. I would always seek his advice in promoting the poetry of Tanveer.

Lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to Professor Klaus Lagally, the creator for ArabTex, whose software has been used to typeset all the writings of Tanveer available on this website.

Sarmad Abbasi