جي نه ٿا مچ  مچائي سگھو دوستو

چڻنگ چولي ۾ پنهنجي لڪائي هلو

(تنوير عباسي)

Tanveer Abbasi

This website is dedicated to Tanveer Abbasi: renowned Sindhi poet and a humanist. 

We will attempt to make all his writings (whose copyrights are open) available for everyone in easily printable and viewable formats. We will also place other copyright-free resources on Tanveer Abbasi, such as translations of his poems, videos of his songs, and articles about his works on this website in the future. 

The sole purpose of this website is to promote the writings of Tanveer. We will offer our visitors an advertisement free, serious, and sober environment in which to read, enjoy, and celebrate him. 

Tanveer Abbasi wrote for five decades and, therefore, his complete works form a large body of work. Completing this project will take a considerable amount of time. Please, visit this website frequently for updates. 

Sarmad Abbasi